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Thank artists for withdrawing from Israeli government-backed Pop-Kultur in Berlin

Thank artists for withdrawing from Israeli government-backed Pop-Kultur in Berlin

Following a popular campaign across several countries in a matter of days, nine acts have withdrawn from the Pop-Kultur festival in Berlin due to sponsorship by the Israeli embassy.

Send a letter of thanks to these principled artists for standing in solidarity with Palestinian freedom, justice and equality. 

Young Fathers were among the latest to withdraw, recalling their “long history of opposing any form of hatred including racism and anti-Semitism” and their support for “a peaceful solution that allows Palestinians the right to return to a safe homeland and that allows Israelis and Palestinians of all faiths (and none) to live together in peace.”

Sleaford Mods announced their manager Steve Underwood would withdraw from a panel discussion at the festival.

They join Syrian artists Mohammad Abu Hajar of Mazzaj Rap and DJ Hello PsychaleppoIslam Chipsy from Egypt, Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi, UK artists Annie Goh  and Iklan feat. Law Holt and the Finnish band Oranssi Pazuzu.

Thurston Moore, who performed at Pop-Kultur last year, tweeted in support of these principled artists and urged the festival to withdraw “Israeli embassy sponsorship in solidarity with Palestinian call for cultural boycott.”

In their statements announcing the cancellations, many of the artists stressed their firm stands against all forms of discrimination and oppression and the responsibility of artists to be true to their beliefs.

The eloquent statements from the artists stand in stark contrast to the festival’s crude attempts to falsely portray the Palestinian boycott call as directed at individual Israeli artists, shrewdly omitting the fact that the protests were clearly aimed at the Israeli government involvement.

Some of the artists referred to their acts of solidarity as “tiny” or “minor.” Let’s make sure they know their refusal to cross the Palestinian-led cultural boycott of Israel picket line is huge and means the world to Palestinians and all those working for a more just world.

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Sign our letter of thanks to these principled artists

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Thank you for your principled decision to cancel your participation in the Pop-Kultur festival in Berlin due to Israeli government sponsorship.

Your refusal to be a part of an event allowing art to be used to whitewash Israel’s decades-long military occupation, institutionalized racism, ethnic cleansing, siege and other forms of injustice demonstrates your unwavering commitment to human rights. It reminds us how  artists once refused to allow their names to be used to whitewash the apartheid regime in South Africa.

In heeding the Palestinian call for nonviolent pressure to bring about an end to Israel’s regime of oppression, you have joined ranks with thousands of conscientious artists across the world standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for their inalienable rights under international law.

By canceling your participation, and standing strong despite smears and false accusations, you have made a significant contribution to the fight against oppression and racism everywhere, for a more just world with universal rights for everyone, irrespective of identity.

Thank you.




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