Why Support the BDS movement?

July 9, 2020
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Here are 15 reasons to support the BDS movement for Palestinian rights on its 15th anniversary

Here are 15 reasons to support the BDS movement for Palestinian rights on its 15th anniversary:

  1. Because BDS is an ethical appeal from the largest coalition of Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation, apartheid, and denial of refugees’ rights.
  2. Because BDS works!
  3. Because I believe in a world with equal rights for all and not privileges for some.
  4. Because I was against apartheid in South Africa and will not accept apartheid in Palestine.
  5. Because my government, as well as corporations and institutions based in my country, are complicit in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.
  6. Because I am against all forms of oppression and discrimination. 
  7. Because I want to stop corporate complicity in human rights violations. 
  8. Because I support the rights of all Indigenous peoples, including Palestinians, over their ancestral lands, cultural heritage and natural resources.
  9. Because I support the global struggle against racism in all its forms, and so does BDS.
  10. Because I believe in people's power to change the world. 
  11. Because I stand against pinkwashing, greenwashing, faith-washing, sport-washing, art-washing or otherwise whitewashing Israeli apartheid. 
  12. Because I believe that no state, including Israel, should be granted impunity for violating international law and human rights.
  13. Because Palestinian liberation is organically tied to the struggles in my country for Indigenous, social, racial, economic, gender, and climate justice.
  14. Because I subscribe to Martin Luther King’s words that ethically-consistent boycotts entail “withdrawing our cooperation from an evil system,” and that is a basic moral obligation.
  15. Because I cannot and will not stay silent while Israel perpetrates war crimes and crimes against humanity, including apartheid, ethnic cleansing, collective punishment, detention of prisoners of conscience, and the siege and massacres in Gaza.

To be on the right side of history, support our BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality.

July 9, 2020
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