They repress. We BDS!

Just as we launched our midyear fundraiser a few days ago, our BDS website came under a massive cyber attack. The huge spike in attempts to access the website indicates a well-organized denial of service attack, most likely part of Israel’s declared “cyber warfare” against the nonviolent BDS movement for Palestinian rights.

We’ve successfully repelled the attack, thanks to quick action by our hosting providers May First Movement Technology, but we refuse to fall into a defensive trap. We remain focused on dismantling Israel’s regime of apartheid, occupation and settler-colonialism by ending international complicity in it.

As we wrote in our previous mailing, the outpouring of solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle has been unprecedented in its quality and quantity in the last few months. Expanding our BDS campaigning even further is our most effective response to their cyberwar and repression.

They repress. We BDS! Donate today to defend our human rights advocacy.

Israel's heavily-funded cyber attacks are partially intended to defund us by preventing our fundraising appeal from reaching you. So I urge you to forward this letter to as many potential supporters as possible.

Cyberwarfare aside, Israel’s McCarthyite war of repression against the BDS movement takes many forms, including the promotion of a fraudulent definition of antisemitism that shields Israel’s regime of oppression from accountability rather than protecting Jewish communities from racism and hate. Ironically, Israel’s closest partners in this anti-Palestinian campaign are the far-right, white supremacists, and fundamentalist Christian Zionists -- all overtly antisemitic.

They attack. We fight back. Donate today to help grow BDS globally.

Jamie McClelland of May First Movement Technology said, “We are committed to ensuring that the BDS movement, and all activists fighting for justice in Palestine, have a global platform to communicate that is free from corporate or government surveillance and pressure and protected from political attacks. Denial of service attacks strike at the heart of our ability to communicate and organize. Now is the time to support the BDS Movement to ensure their continued ability to fight for justice in Palestine.”

We thank May First for their commitment to social justice and appeal to you to contribute to our common cause today.

Donate now to support our struggle for justice.

Together we are stronger.

In solidarity,

Maren Mantovani

International relations coordinator of Stop the Wall, a founding member of the BDS movement


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