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As we continue to resist and to insist on our full menu of rights we call on you to support our march towards freedom. 

Palestinians everywhere are facing a regime of oppression that is, now more than ever, not just intent on continuing to gradually displace us, incarcerate us, and steal our land, but on erasing us altogether.

To this end, Israel’s far-right regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid, with US and European complicity, is escalating its policies of siege, ethnic cleansing, massacres, extreme repression and racist dehumanization. Yet, we continue to resist and to insist on our full menu of rights.

The popular uprising in May unified our people like never before, across historic Palestine and in exile. Our BDS movement’s impressive growth worldwide, with its ever-expanding network of intersectional partners, has raised the price of Israel’s crimes against us, giving us real hope that freedom, justice and equality must and can prevail.

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Locally, BDS groups have started mobilizing more broadly, in Salfit, Jenin, Nablus, Hebron, Bethlehem, East Jerusalem villages, Ramallah, and Gaza, as well as among the Palestinian communities in Haifa, Acre, Lydda, Nazareth and beyond.

With diverse, context-sensitive tactics and strategies, we have contributed to organizing the unprecedented National Economy Week, supporting Palestinian products and boycotting, as much as feasible, Israeli products to which alternatives can be found.

Women, as always, have taken the lead in many of these BDS grassroots initiatives. Students, youth, workers and professionals have all been mobilized in support of the boycott campaigns, and so have some municipalities.

But like all oppressed communities, we cannot end oppression alone. Apartheid Israel, like apartheid South Africa in the past, relies on support from states, corporations and institutions to maintain its criminal injustice against the Indigenous Palestinians. We are asking you to end this complicity--to do no harm to our liberation struggle.


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