German court reverses Roger Waters' concert cancellation

German municipalities and cultural institutions should end their racist repression. Otherwise, they will face intensified pressure.

Yet another German court has ruled in favour of supporters of the BDS movement. 

Citing artistic freedom, the Frankfurt Administrative Court effectively reversed the decision of the city of Frankfurt and the state of Hesse to cancel Roger Waters’ May concert.

This is another decisive win for BDS and another humiliating defeat for apartheid Israel’s anti-Palestinian racist supporters in Germany. 

Roger Waters, an early and prominent supporter of BDS, is one of tens of thousands of artists worldwide, including thousands of musicians, to have endorsed our peaceful, anti-racist movement for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality. 

German festivals such as Pop Kultur Berlin and Ruhrtriennale, and clubs including about blank and Conne Island, are just some of those that have faced serious international pressure and boycotts over their anti-Palestinian racism and shameless violation of freedom of expression.

We call on German municipalities and cultural institutions to end their racist repression and to stop harming the Palestinian struggle for our rights under international law. Otherwise, they will face intensified pressure and BDS campaigning.

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Photo by Matt Plyler


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