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People Against Apartheid

January 13, 2023


Call out for the 2023 Israeli Apartheid Week: 13-27 March 2023

Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is an opportunity to globally mobilize grassroots solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, dignity and justice. During IAW we raise awareness about Israeli apartheid and build strategic BDS campaigns in support of the Palestinian struggle to end Israel’s brutal system of apartheid, settler-colonialism and ethnic cleansing.

IAW provides an opportunity to grow our networks across colonial walls and borders and strengthen solidarity with the Palestinian people. It is also an opportunity to further connect the Palestinian liberation struggle with global justice struggles against racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression. Apartheid Israel has developed technologies and methodologies of violent oppression, including weapons, spyware, illegal military doctrines, testing them on Palestinians and then exporting them to racist far-right governments,  dictatorships and criminal regimes worldwide.

Israel’s greenwashing, agriwashing, pinkwashing, sportswashing, and techwashing of its brutal crimes against Indigenous Palestinians have also inspired several despotic regimes globally.

Understanding the intrinsic connection of our struggles and inspired by the growing international recognition that Israel is perpetrating the crime against humanity of apartheid, we call on  people across the world, including students, academics, artists, workers, churches, and movements for social, racial, gender and climate justice to join IAW 2023 under the slogan People Against Apartheid. Together, let’s make IAW 2023 a global mobilization of grassroot efforts to strengthen the Palestinian anti-apartheid movement and strategic BDS campaigns.

Over the past year, the Israeli apartheid regime has intensified its system of segregation, fragmentation and control to maintain its system of settler-colonial oppression and domination over Palestinian lives and land. We have witnessed a devastating number of Palestinians murdered by the Israeli occupation forces, including more than 30 children, and targeted extrajudicial killings, such as that of renowned journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing has intensified along with forced removals and random acts of violence committed by illegal settlers protected by the occupation forces.

Popular resistance continues with the steadfastness that marks Palestinian life, and with the strength and the determination that are needed to continue the struggle, from Masafer Yatta to Jenin and Gaza, from Sheikh Jarrah to Yafa to Al-Naqab and in exile

Supporting the Palestinian struggle allows us to reflect on the discrimination and forms of injustice our own communities and societies have to tackle, and increase our determination for a just world without racism, without colonial walls, without corporate impunity.

Join us in the struggle to dismantle apartheid and all forms of racism!

Join IAW 2023!


All Israeli Apartheid Week activities must conform to the BDS movement's principles of non-violence and anti-racism. Any activity that fails to do so cannot be accepted as part of IAW.

Plan and organize local, regional or national IAW events, submit your events for publication on our forthcoming global IAW calendar, and stay tuned for updates and more detailed programs.

The International Coordination Committee, IAW 2023

December 2022

January 13, 2023


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