Our 9 year old Website is COLLAPSING!!

We need to be able to cope with millions of new requests each month and welcome tens of thousands of unique visitors every week.

Yes, it’s a fact. Our 9 year old BDS movement website is on the verge of collapse and desperately needs replacement. With your support, we can transition to a more powerful, state-of-the-art tool for our activism.

We have a vision for a brand new website that can enable us to cope with the massive, and fast growing, number of visits and requests that we are experiencing. Millions more are learning about BDS, with many expressing interest in getting involved in supporting Palestinian liberation through effective BDS campaigning.

Imagine a website developed specifically for us, to meet our particularly demanding needs, a digital hub brimming with BDS resources, compelling statements, impactful campaigns, comprehensive guidelines, and the latest news and analysis. It would stand as a stronghold of information for the movement, drawing over 3.5 million requests each month and welcoming tens of thousands of unique visitors every week. 

Your contribution, regardless of its size, will make an extraordinary difference.

Even in the face of relentless attacks by anti-Palestinian hackers, including over 1.5 million denial-of-service attacks per week, our current website has stood tall, unyielding to their malicious intent. But can we rely on it to withstand their intensifying repressive attempts to hack, bring down, or otherwise disrupt our information and communication base? We are not sure. That’s why we urgently need enhanced security measures and up-to-date shields of electronic defence.

The existing website's outdated design and control panel have become terrible barriers, hindering our ability to quickly and effectively share all our vital content. It often leaves us unable to keep pace with the rapid growth of our movement. You should be able to find the news, the campaigning material, the background information with a couple of clicks to mobilise ever more activists and allow us all to focus on critical campaigning and coordination efforts.

By making a donation through the button below, you can breathe life into our vision and ensure our new website technology can meet our fast growing needs.

Let's embark on a journey to construct a visually striking, user-friendly and really practical website, a testament to the power of grassroots activism. Its design will mirror the sharpness and urgency of our mission, spotlighting our impact on dismantling the Israeli regime of settler colonialism and apartheid. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of your support in helping us reach our potential.

Let's empower the BDS movement with an innovative and dynamic online platform that can help us be even more effective in our struggle for freedom, justice and equality.


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