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Kick Settlements Out of Football at FIFA's upcoming Congress!

FIFA will make a decision on Israeli football teams based in illegal settlements at their upcoming Congress on May 11, 2017. This is our chance to ensure that Palestinian human rights are front and centre on their agenda!

More than one hundred sports and human rights associations representing millions of people across the globe have called on FIFA to demand that the Israeli Football Association immediately exclude teams based in illegal settlements, and for FIFA to suspend the association if it refuses to comply. 

As the pressure mounts on FIFA to respect its statutes, the Israeli government is using its embassies to push for removing the issue of settlement clubs from the Congress’ agenda altogether. We can’t let that happen: teams based in illegal settlements and human rights violations have no place in the beautiful game.

Take action now to pressure FIFA to respect its own statutes and Palestinian human rights:

Let’s make sure FIFA and member federations get the message: settlement clubs and Apartheid have no place in the beautiful game. See additional actions you can take:

  • Organize an action to deliver the letter to your national football association and FIFA Council members urging them to vote Israeli settlement teams out of FIFA. Email us to let us know of your planned action, and don’t forget to take photos and video to share on social media!

  • Urge sports personalities to take a public stand against the inclusion of  Israeli settlement clubs in FIFA.

  • Contact sports journalists in your country and encourage them to cover the story

Sample tweets:


Hey @FIFAcom, it’s time to kick settlement clubs out of the beautiful game! #RedCardIsrael

Ken Loach, Richard Falk, Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro urge @FIFAcom to expel Israeli settlement clubs #RedCardIsrael

Organizations representing millions call out @FIFAcom for double standard on Israeli settlement clubs #RedCardIsrael 

Ex footballer Juan Carlos Oblitas to @FIFAcom: No country is above UN rulings on Israeli settlements #RedCardIsrael

On Israeli settlement clubs, @FIFAcom is running afoul of its own commitment to respect human rights #RedCardIsrael

Sports orgs, trade unions criticize @FIFAcom for selectively enforcing rules re: Israeli settlements #RedCardIsrael

Israel uses ‘beautiful game’ to whitewash violations of int'l law as @FIFAcom shamefully stands by #RedCardIsrael


For more information on the Red Card Israel campaign, contact:


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