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Japanese supermarket stops sale of wine manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements

As a direct result of action taken by BDS Japan Bulletin (BJB), the group confirmed that Shimokitazawa, a branch of Ozeki, a famous supermarket chain in Tokyo, decided to stop selling wine manufactured in the illegal Israeli settlements.

BJB sent a letter asking the supermarket not to profit from war crimes against Palestinians through the sale of illegal settlement products.

Excerpts from the letter are as follows:

We hope that you will not continue to play an active role in the handling of Israeli settlement wines . We are a civil society group BDS Japan operating in Japan as part of an international movement calling for Israeli products to be rejected, withdrawn and sanctioned to criticize Israel's occupation of Palestine and war crimes and to appeal to the country for compliance with international law. 

The act of profiting from products produced in the Israeli settlements comes at the expense of the lives of the indigenous people, and humanitarian and ethical issues cannot be overlooked. Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also officially warned that economic activities related to Israeli settlements pose financial, reputational and legal risks and that these activities may be considered human rights abuses.

In fact, Israeli settlement wines have already been discontinued by department stores such as Ginza Mitsukoshi and Daimaru Tokyo in response to calls from citizens working on the BDS movement. In addition, as Japanese consumers have become more aware of human rights, businesses related to human rights violations, such as the military government in Myanmar and the crackdown on the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region by the Chinese government, have been criticized.

Furthermore, when the United Nations released a report in 2013 calling on private companies to "terminate corporate interests from settlements," the Japanese government also voted in favor of the Human Rights Council's decision to support it. I'm throwing.

Therefore, please consider discontinuing the handling of products manufactured in the Israeli settlement at all stores of your supermarket Ozeki.


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