BNC Statement

Israeli repression tech is a threat to the world, not just Palestinians

Image credit: Forbidden Stories

Apartheid Israel’s military technologies, tested on Palestinians, empower dictators’ and authoritarian regimes’ surveillance, torture, even assassination of human rights activists, journalists, elected officials, etc. The recently exposed Team Jorge, officially registered with the Israeli government, offers “electronic warfare” to anyone ready to pay, to manipulate elections, hack opponents, or plant disinformation to destroy them. 

Its founders, former Israeli intelligence officers, boast of manipulating 33 elections in Africa, South and Central America, the US and Europe. Unrestrained ethically or legally, they sell their nefarious services, including 40,000 fake avatars, to clients aiming to destabilize democracies or rig votes. 

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian coalition leading the BDS movement, reiterates the call to impose an immediate #MilitaryEmbargo on apartheid Israel, including cutting US military funding and banning trade in Israeli arms and spyware. Time to #DismantleApartheid.


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