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The International Dockworkers Council Statement of Unconditional Support to the Palestinian General Strike

The IDC strongly condemns the Israeli massacre of civilians and children in Palestine and offers unconditional support to the Palestinian General Strike.

The IDC strongly condemns the massacre of civilians and children in Palestine. Unconditional support to the Palestinian General Strike.

The International Dockworkers Council-IDC, strongly condemns the massacre that is taking place against the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel and makes an urgent call for peace and dialogue, respecting international agreements and laws governing the area once and for all. We cannot stand idly by without raising our voices in the face of such atrocities against civilians and children.

Likewise, we condemn the illegal detention of our fellow union leader Ashraf Al-war and recall that any form of peaceful protest must be respected as a fundamental right. Without going any further, today, May 18, we encourage to participate in the general strike in the historic center of Palestine, against the Israeli Government policies of ethnic cleansing in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in Jerusalem; for the attacks against the al-Aqsa Mosque and for the savage bombardments that the Gaza Strip is suffering.

We also encourage UN and non-UN member states that may have some influence on the peace process in Palestine and Israel to act immediately to stop this barbarism.

IDC calls on all dockworkers to show the solidarity that has been demonstrated so many times in so many conflicts. We cannot allow ourselves to be complicit in this violence by working on ships that operate war merchandise destined to massacre civilians and children. Let us not allow this to stain our name or tarnish our consciences. It is in struggles and defeats that one learns solidarity and empathy for the groups that suffer inequalities and abuses. The only way to win this war is with the solidarity and empathy of all.


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