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Hey PUMA, have you read Amnesty's report on Israeli apartheid?

Puma executives are busy profiting from Israeli apartheid oppressing Palestinians. Help ensure they see Amnesty's report saying businesses have a responsibility to cease activities that “contribute to or benefit from the system of apartheid.”


Last week Amnesty International became the latest human rights organization to find Israel’s regime oppressing all Palestinians guilty of the crime against humanity of apartheid.

Amnesty International is unequivocal. Israel has “introduced laws, policies and practices that systematically and cruelly discriminate against Palestinians.”

PUMA’s support for Israeli apartheid helps maintain this “cruel system of domination,” just as some corporations were for many years complicit in South African apartheid.

The Amnesty report concludes that businesses have a responsibility to “ensure that they do not contribute to or benefit from the system of apartheid” and to “cease relevant activities.” This means you, PUMA!

As groups around the world prepare for tomorrow’s global day of protests at PUMA shops and offices, help ensure PUMA sees this report.

Tell PUMA it has a responsibility to end complicity in apartheid

Among Israel’s “inhuman and inhumane” acts documented by Amnesty are its “massive and cruel land seizures to dispossess and exclude Palestinians from their land and homes.”

PUMA supports this cruel dispossession. PUMA is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which governs and advocates on behalf of teams in illegal Israeli settlement on stolen Palestinian land.

Puma executives are busy profiting from apartheid, so may not have time to read the full report. Share this 14-minute Amnesty video with them so that they realize how PUMA’s complicity impacts Palestinians.

It’s time for PUMA to cease its support for Israel’s illegal land grabs.

Send PUMA executives the Amnesty International video now!

PUMA’s marketed progressive image can’t hide its support for Israeli apartheid. The #PumaFam must stand up and join 200+ Palestinian teams urging PUMA to drop the IFA.

Take action today to help push PUMA over to the right side of history.  


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