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Help take Israeli Apartheid Week’s message on line!

We’re taking IAW’s message on line, to reach people in their homes, as many planned IAW public events can't be held due to the coronavirus.

The 16th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is taking place this week under the theme, United against Racism. IAW 2020 advocates for Palestinian rights and growing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to achieve those rights, in the context of global struggles against racial oppression.

Due to the coronavirus and restrictions on physical gatherings it has caused, many IAW panels, protests and cultural events have been postponed, or canceled. So we’re taking IAW’s message on line, to reach people in their homes.

Help take IAW’s theme, United against Racism, to people at home

In a statement endorsing IAW 2020, U.S. civil rights leader Angela Davis said that, for people struggling against racism and for freedom, Palestinians serve as “an inspiration because they have endured and remained steadfast for so long, refusing to give up and accept permanent subjugation and injustice.”

With Israel’s far-right regime partnering with authoritarian and racist regimes worldwide, and supplying them with “field-tested”, deadly military and security tools, groups fighting racism are working more urgently than ever to join together struggles for freedom, justice, equality and dignity, for Palestinians and people resisting repression worldwide.

Share Angela Davis’ message connecting anti-racist struggles, “no one will be free until we are all free”

Through IAW 2020 activities online, groups fighting all forms of racism are affirming that apartheid and racism were unacceptable in South Africa, are unacceptable in Palestine today, and are unacceptable anywhere.

Join our first IAW webinar this Thursday, featuring South African MP chief Mandla Mandela and afrofeminist activist Desirée Bela-Lobedde. We will share more information on additional IAW webinars soon.


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