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Greenwashing. Pinkwashing. Here’s the Dirt on Puma’s Support for Israeli Apartheid.

As groups around the world mobilize for the #BoycottPUMA Global Day of Action, join them online to tell PUMA that its greenwashing and pinkwashing can't hide its complicity in Israeli apartheid and to thank queer and trans artists for refusing work with PUMA in solidarity with Palestinians. 

Supporting Israeli apartheid is a dirty business.

It’s no surprise then that PUMA engages in the cynical and unethical practices of greenwashing and pinkwashing.

Earlier this week, PUMA staged a “sustainability” conference in London as a green smokescreen to conceal its support for and profiting from illegal Israeli settlements–a war crime under international law.

PUMA claimed it wanted to have a “conversation.” Yet when Palestinian rights supporters started contacting invited speakers, PUMA removed their names from the conference website! When leaflets were distributed at the event, PUMA forced attendees to hand them over before entering!

PUMA’s greenwashing is dangerous. It does a disservice to authentic grassroots efforts for climate justice for all and allows Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians to continue.

Tell PUMA: We see through your greenwashing. End support for Israeli apartheid.

PUMA also tried its hand at pinkwashing. PUMA offered queer and trans artists a heap of cash in exchange for using their “bodies to pinkwash its global brand image.”

But the artists said no!

That’s right. These principled artists rejected PUMA’s offer in solidarity with Palestinians.

And that’s not all. The organization these artists work with, Queer|Art, stood with them and endorsed the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli apartheid.

Thank the queer and trans artists for their extraordinary act of solidarity

PUMA’s washing attempts are doomed to fail.

Tomorrow, groups around the world will join the #BoycottPUMA Global Day of Action.

Join them online to let PUMA know that you stand with the growing number of people and movements around the world that recognize Palestine as a climate justice issue, as a queer and trans issue, as a racial justice issue, as a feminist issue.

Join us in pledging #NoRestForPUMA until it ends support for Israeli apartheid.


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