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Evo Morales endorses BDS, calls Israel a terrorist state

The following statement from the Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) in Bolivia is a translation of the original from

The following statement from the Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) in Bolivia is a translation of the original from

In Defence of Palestine

The Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH), before the tragic events being experienced by our Palestinian brothers in Gaza, performs its duty in stating the following:

We declare our adherence to the words of comrade Evo Morales, founder of the Network in Defense of Humanity and President of the Pluri-national State of Bolivia, which declare Israel as a terrorist state.

We express our absolute condemnation of the genocide suffered by the Palestinian people at the hands of a state founded upon the dispossession and colonial occupation of Palestinian territories.

We acknowledge and express our solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people and their resistance organizations, especially in Gaza, against Israel's attempt to exterminate [them] and snatch the remaining shreds of what was their homeland.

We condemn the imperialist United States’ (U.S.) role that feeds and supports politically, financially and militarily the State of Israel, as we condemn the unusual inaction of the UN Security Council whose resolutions regarding the Palestinian issue are systematically violated with impunity by Washington. The U.S. has been acting throughout its history with hypocrisy and cynicism, threatening by sanctions and interventions the peoples of Latin America, Africa and Eurasia that defend their sovereignty, while supporting Israel's action’s.

We condemn the complicity in these events [in Gaza], by default in some cases, the governments of the European Union and the unconditional subordination of the media oligopolies to the dictates of Washington. Enough calling it war! It is genocide being perpetrated by one of the best equipped armies in the world against a people whose defensive resources are infinitely inferior in number and quality!

We encourage joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the terrorist state of Israel. It is time for active and creative solidarity, beyond expressions of condemnation. We have failed the over 1600 people killed in Palestine in the recent weeks, as well as the more than 9,000 injured since the terrorist [Israeli] operation started and hypocritically called "Protective Edge".

We demand the end of the [Israeli] apartheid and genocide, as well as the walls and settlements. We call on the governments of the world to demand that Israel complies with the resolutions of the UN Security Council and be forced to withdraw from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, to return to the borders prior to the "Six Day War" (1967) and to ensure the return of Palestinian refugees, as was established by Security Council Resolution No. 242 of November 22, 1967, a resolution unfulfilled until today by the State of Israel.

We stand for a real political solution to the conflict in Palestine on the basis of dialogue, negotiation and the existence of two states with equal rights and internationally recognized borders; a solution that includes the immediate lifting of the blockade on Gaza and the release of all Palestinian political prisoners. We welcome the supportive stance of the governments of ALBA, MERCOSUR and other governments around the South against the barbaric Israeli conduct in Gaza.

Inspired by the revolutionary words of Nelson Mandela: "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestine," we assert that Israel has morally and politically lost this battle against the courageous Palestinian people and that it deserves the growing condemnation of the peoples of the world as a “pariah” state that violates international law. The indomitable Palestinian resistance will be rewarded sooner or later in the smile of their children in a free country.

Against Israeli terrorism and U.S. imperialism, in defence of Palestinian right to self-determination and of all peoples in the world!

PRIMI FIRMATARI (Primary Signatories)

Evo Morales

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Premio Nobel de la Paz

István Meszáros, Filósofo. Premio Libertador al Pensamiento Crítico 2008.

Franz Hinkelammert, Filósofo. Premio Libertador al Pensamiento Crítico 2005.

Enrique Dussel. Filósofo. Premio Libertador al Pensamiento Crítico 2009.

Atilio Boron. Sociólogo. Premio Libertador al Pensamiento Crítico 2012.

Marta Harnecker. Premio Libertador al Pensamiento Crítico 2013.

Luciano Vasapollo - universidad roma sapienza , premio pensamiento critico 2007

Pablo González Casanova. Filósofo.

Piedad Córdoba. Ex – Senadora. Luchadora Social. Colombia.

Patricia Villegas. Presidenta de Telesur

Stella Calloni, Periodista

Rita  Martufi  representante permanente ante la FAO  unión sindical de base y  FSM

Eva Golinger , Periodista

Roy Chaderton Matos, Embajador de Venezuela ante la OEA

Farruco Sesto, Ex -Ministro de Cultura de Venezuela

Theotonio Dos Santos, Economista

Mónica Bruckman, Socióloga. Asesora de la Secretaría General de UNASUR

Michael Lebotwiz, Economista

Win Dieckersen

Omar González

Carmen Bohórquez. Filósofa, Historiadora. Premio Nacional de Humanidades.

Ángel Guerra

Hugo Moldiz

Katu Arkonada

Lidia Fagale, Secretaria General de la Unión de Periodistas de Buenos Aires

Joaquín Arriola - Universidad País Vasco

Galarza - Universidad publica de Navarra

Joan Tafalla - historiador, centro Espai Marx



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