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Danish organisations ditch G4S as company is targeted with creative actions

September 25, 2012
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Boykot G4S! from janne wanne on Vimeo.

Last week, September 10th, Danish grassroots went to the streets, commencing a campaign against security company G4S, a company with Danish roots.

The group, a network of existing solidarity groups and individuals, published a report on G4S’ activities and reasons to boycott them: “We have prepared a report stating the latest developments in the case, and described how G4S’ counter arguments are invalid,” spokesperson Ida Hansen says, referring to the report Professor Hjalte Rasmussen was paid to conduct to acquit them of criticism. “But we have also published an open letter we’ve sent to all 100 municipalities inDenmark, to deter them from using G4S services,” she says, and continues: “And we have made letters which clients can send to G4S, and letters which indignant citizens can send to their municipalities in case they use G4S services.”
During the week, several groups have taken to the streets distributing pamphlets with information on G4S activities in the West Bank and ideas for individuals and organisations to take action. Especially the stations and construction sites of the new metro line were targeted by the information part of the campaign as the metro line uses G4S for their security.

In Denmark, Amnesty International, Danish Church Aid and the Rehabilitation and Research Center for Torture Victims have ended their contracts with G4S. And now, the boycott group has learned that Merkur, a Danish bank with an ethical profile, has ended their G4S contracts because of the company’s activities with connection to the occupation of Palestine.
“We are happy to experience that institutions that deem themselves as ethical, no longer sees it as being compatible with having contracts with G4S,” Ida Hansen says.

During the week, the campaign teamed up with unionists from the scaffolding industry in a symbolic action outside G4S’ headquarters: The headquarter was locked in a prison themselves, together with two ‘Palestinian political prisoners’ under administrative detention, while banners were posted saying ‘G4S protects Israeli prisons of torture.’

The week ended with a 15 kilometer bike demonstration from the Danish Parliament to the G4S headquarters. Around 100 people took part in the manifestation that concluded with speeches in front of the office buildings.

“This is hopefully only the beginning of the campaign,” Ida Hansen says, “We will continue to inform the public and users of G4S’ services about G4S’ doings until G4S end their business with the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

Pictures from the action week:

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September 25, 2012
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