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Contact FIFA about the repeated demolition of Umm Al Khair village

For the past 17 months the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) has been demanding that the settlement-based clubs should be banned from all IFA leagues and competitions. Now the FIFA-led negotiations on the issue are coming to a head, with a proposal due to be presented to the FIFA Council on 13-14 October.

Take action: Contact FIFA

On Tuesday 9th August 2016 the Israeli army demolished five homes of the Al Hathaleen family in Umm Al Khair, continuing the cycle of demolition-rebuild-demolition over nine recent years.

Their actions drew sharp criticism from the European Union - which funded three of the houses – as well as France and the USA. But on Wednesday 24th August the army returned to demolish two further homes and a community centre. The centre too was funded by the European Union.

FIFA recently produced a video affirming the positive role being played by football in Umm Al Khair and the nearby village of Susiya, which is also under threat of demolition.The video features footage of the same community centre destroyed by the army on 24th August.

FIFA is currently considering what action to take in the matter of several Israeli football clubs that are based in illegal settlements, which continue to expand as Palestinian villages are attacked.

Please take action: go to and tell FIFA to suspend the IsraelFootball Association from international football for participating in the Occupation while Palestinian communities are destroyed.


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