Palestinians call for boycotting Netanyahu’s UK visit

1,300 Israeli artists and academics hypocritically call for the same, having fought BDS for years

Palestinians call for boycotting apartheid Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to London this weekend, as a step towards ending entrenched UK complicity in Israel’s 75-year-old settler-colonial regime and system of oppression against Indigenous Palestinians.

Leading Israeli cultural and academic figures who have cynically fought against BDS for many years, and whitewashed Israeli apartheid, are now appropriating BDS tactics – but only to preserve the settler-colonial privileges they have enjoyed throughout.

These mainstream Zionist Israeli figures are calling on the UK government and supporters of democracy in Britain "not to cooperate with the Prime Minister of Israel and to refuse to grant his leadership international legitimacy".

The UK government is instead committed to advancing repressive anti-BDS legislation that will further impinge upon the democratic rights of all British citizens. The purpose of this legislation is even more transparent now: to destroy free speech on Palestine.

It is high time to end UK complicity in Israel's decades-old regime of oppression. We call on supporters of Palestinian rights to intensify cultural and academic boycotts of apartheid Israel and its complicit institutions to help bring about freedom, justice and equality for all.


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