BNC Statement

BDS win! Microsoft drops AnyVision

Statement issued by the Palestinian BDS National Committee and Jewish Voice for Peace

Joint statement from the BDS Movement and Jewish Voice for Peace: 

Microsoft’s decision to heed the calls of the campaign to drop the Israeli surveillance company AnyVision is a huge and timely #BDS victory.

AnyVision’s facial recognition technology powers Israel’s illegal system of checkpointsmass surveillance and human rights violations which oppresses Palestinians living under its regime of military occupation and apartheid.

The BDS movement calls on all corporations, universities and local authorities to end all cooperation and contracts with AnyVision.

Investments in care and solidarity are what make us safer in our homes and communities and protect our loved ones, not illegal surveillance and human rights violations.

Especially during times of pandemics, we need healthcare, not warfare--whether in Palestine or across the globe.



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