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Ask HPE to end its complicity in Israeli Apartheid

HP Enterprises enables Israeli apartheid. Tell Antonio Neri, CEO of HPE, that Palestinians deserve equality too.

In a recent message, Antonio Neri, the CEO of HP Enterprises rightly pointed out that, “As a global company, we have the responsibility to help shape a world that is equal for all people. Our shared beliefs include a commitment to unconditional inclusion.” This came in the wake of the protests for racial justice that have swept across the US following the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police forces.

Indeed, the struggle for racial justice in the US is one we firmly stand in solidarity with. And it has also, once again, revealed the deep connections between the oppressive regimes of the US and Israel.

While HPE’s support for the Black-led protests is welcome and appreciated, its continued complicity in Israel’s apartheid regime puts to question its stated commitment to equality and inclusion. HPE provides exclusive servers to Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority. This forms the backbone of its apartheid against Palestinians, as the ID system of differential rights and access emerges from this population registry. HPE also provides services to Israeli police forces.

Tell Antonio Neri that enabling Israeli apartheid is the opposite of equality and inclusion

Join us as we pressure HPE to stay true to its words. If it believes it has “the responsibility to help shape a world that is equal for all people,” are Palestinians not part of this world? If the company’s ‘shared beliefs include a commitment to unconditional inclusion’, why are Palestinians excluded from this vision?

Tell HPE that Palestinians deserve equality too 

Send a message to HPE on July 2nd, to end its involvement in Israel’s system of segregation and apartheid. As Israel moves closer to formally annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, Palestinians have called upon all of us to take a stand against corporations that have aided decades of de facto annexation of Palestinian lands, apartheid and military occupation. HPE is among such companies, but it has the opportunity to do better. Until it ends these ties, we will continue to #BoycottHP.

Tell HPE to stop enabling Israeli apartheid 


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