Boycott apartheid Israel's Summer In The City festival

Solidarity with Palestinians living under Israel’s apartheid regime is urgently needed.

Palestinians call to boycott apartheid Israel’s Summer In The City music festival and urge all international artists to withdraw, just as progressive artists boycotted apartheid South Africa. 

Performing in apartheid Tel Aviv and crossing the Palestinian picket line – regardless of intentions – whitewashes apartheid Israel’s oppression of millions of Palestinians.

Israel’s new government is its most far-right, racist, fundamentalist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic ever. 

Mainstream outrage is growing at open calls by Israeli leaders for ethnic cleansing and fascist pogroms against Palestinians.

Solidarity with Palestinians living under Israel’s apartheid regime is urgently needed. 

Leading human rights organizations – including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch – and Israel’s B’Tselem agree that Israel imposes a system of apartheid against Palestinians. 

The promoter of Summer In The City, Marcel Avraham, says that he books Israeli concerts “as a mission, a sense of Zionism” – Israel’s racist ideology of Jewish supremacy

The festival venue, Yarkon Park, is built on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Jarisha

Playing at Summer In The City festival will be taken as endorsement by Israel’s far-right apartheid government and helps it art-wash its oppression of Palestinians. 

Thousands of musicians and tens of thousands of artists worldwide have supported our peaceful, anti-racist movement. We urge festival participants to cancel, in order to do no harm.


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