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BNC Statement

As we commemorate Nakba Day, we refuse to stand idly by as mere witnesses to injustice. We demand action, accountability, and transformative change to ensure a future of dignity, justice and liberation for the Palestinian people.


March for Palestine: Stop the Genocide, End Apartheid. SAVE THE DATE - March 1 - 31 - Israel Apartheid Week 2024 - the most important since IAW began 20 years ago!

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As Palestinians continue to resist the increasingly oppressive policies of colonization, military occupation, and apartheid by the most right-wing and racist government in Israel's history, effective solidarity with their struggle for freedom, justice, and equality continues to grow.

BNC Statement

Colonial hypocrisy is killing Palestinians. On the 74th anniversary of the Nakba, we condemn once again the Western indifference to Palestinians, which enables Israel's impunity, directly contributing to our ongoing Nakba. We reiterate our call for meaningful solidarity with Palestinians facing ethnic cleansing, massacres, colonial dispossession and apartheid.

BNC Statement

Let’s escalate the pressure to get International Community and the United Nations to comply with their legal obligations to end Israeli apartheid.


This #IWD2022 read about the amazing Palestinian women resisting Israeli apartheid.