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BNC Statement

The growth of our popular resistance and the global, Palestinian-led BDS movement give us hope at a time when Israel’s far-right regime is intensifying its system of apartheid and crimes against our people.



البنك البريطاني (HSCB) يستجيب للضغط الشعبي ويسحب استثماراته، بالكامل، من شركة السلاح الإسرائيلية "إلبيت"، والتي تعدّ أكبر شركة تصنيع أسلحة إسرائيلية خاصة تروّج لأسلحتها الـ"مجرّبة".

BNC Statement

Supporting the call for a comprehensive military embargo on Israel is the most effective response to Israel’s ongoing massacre.

BNC Statement

The BDS National Committee (BNC) supports calls for an independent, international investigation and is calling for effective accountability measures against Israel, particularly a two-way military embargo.

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UK high street banks are investing in and arranging loans for firms supplying arms to Israel