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[Stop the Wall] - This edition of the Stop the Wall BDS newsletter covers the many BDS protests and new campaign launches that occurred in France, USA and Canada. New groups took up BDS this month in Canada and Germany. Several victories are also covered, among them Veolia and Dexia Israel.


August 5, 2009
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Not a single euro of public money should be used against the Palestinian people!
Support the creation of jobs that respect Palestinian rights and protect Languedoc farmers


June 11, 2009
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By Laura Miller [] 7 February 2009 - Demonstrators are planning nationwide protests today to boycott the sale of Israeli goods on UK high-streets.

The national Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) campaign, led by a coalition of pro-Palestine and anti-war groups, aims to impact on Valentines Day sales of flowers, many of which Israel exports to the UK.

February 10, 2009
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The Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign ( is issuing an
international call to action against Carmel-Agrexco during February 2009.

January 5, 2009
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Overcoming the Nakba: BDS and the Global Anti-Apartheid Movement
al-Majdal, BADIL English-language Quarterly - Issue no. 38 (Summer 2008)

Visit the al-Majdal homepage at
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August 26, 2008
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Summer 2008 Callout


View the leaflet for the Campaign here

August 2, 2008
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At 1pm on 18 August, approximately 20 activists from London, Brighton, Reading and the nearby Climate Camp entered the Carmel Agrexco site in Hayes Middlesex where some activists have D-locked the gates shut. They are being entertained by Samba. Four police arrived on the scene almost immediately.
This afternoon a group of protesters from anarchist group State Of
Emergency have blockaded the main UK warehouse of Israeli company
Carmel Agrexco in Hayes, Middlesex.

November 2, 2007