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The University of Sheffield has decided not to renew its waste collection contract with multinational corporation Veolia following a campaign initiated by the campus Palestine Society and supported by the student union.

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The University of Dundee is the latest Scottish university to flush Eden Springs out of its campus.

Eden Springs UK is entirely owned, controlled and managed by Mayanot Eden which steals water from the Salukia spring in the occupied Syrian Golan, where it is bottled in the illegal Israeli settlement of Katzrin.

July 12, 2012
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A Palestinian human rights group launched a campaign today [Thursday 21 June 2012] to get MSPs’ support to end a £200,000  Scottish Enterprise grant to the UK branch of a controversial Israeli water cooler company.
Israel’s Eden Springs is accused of breaching international law by operating and sourcing its water in the Golan area of Syria, land illegally occupied by Israel since 1967.
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The National Union of Student’s (NUS) National Executive Council has unanimously adopted a proposal mandating the body to work with local Student Unions to lobby universities to cancel contracts with Eden Springs.

Recommendation 404 (p.68 of this PDF) describes how Israeli company Eden Springs has a bottling plant in the Occupied Golan Heights, and notes the illegality of settlements under international law.

404 finishes with the following paragraph (my emphasis):

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Documents obtained by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign show how a subsidiary of an Israeli company operating in Britain turned successfully for help from the Scottish Government to deal with what the Israeli company called “a wave of protests...that is threatening the future of Eden Springs UK”.


The contract cancellations had created a “pressing situation” for the subsidiary of the giant Israeli multinational water cooler company.

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In a historic move, the National Union of Students (NUS) in the UK has thrown its weight behind campaigns targeting companies complicit in Israel’s occupation and breaches of international law.

A new page on the NUS website that went online today calls on students to campaign against the campus presence of Eden Springs and Veolia.

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Glasgow Caledonian Palestine Society are delighted that Eden Springs no longer provide water anywhere on our campus.

Mayanot Eden (The Israeli parent company of Eden Springs UK) extract water from the Salukia spring and bottle in the illegal Israeli settlement of Katzrin, both in the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

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Eden Springs, a major Israeli water company, will not have its contract renewed by the London School of Economics.

March 22, 2011