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Tuesday’s White House photo-op marks a cynical deal by corrupt, fanatic Israeli, Emirati, Bahraini and US rulers to sustain their brutal repression and rights violations

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Agreement with despotic UAE rulers adds yet another police state to Israel's league of international friends and allies

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The cancellation came after the Bahrain's parliament issued a statement rejecting the visit, and some protests against it in the streets of the capital Manama.

April 14, 2019
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About three weeks ago, a story appeared in Haaretz titled “Who’s selling peace in the supermarket?” The story was about an Israeli journalist who, on his visit to a Rami Levy store in the illegal settlement of Gush Etzion, coincidently stumbled upon the Israeli businessman Rami Levy and the Palestinian billionaire Munib Masri announcing (informally) their intentions to form a coalition that will supposedly move peace forward based on the two-state solution by strengthening the e