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Action Alert
لنعمل معاً لنثبت لأديداس بأن حتى أكثر زبائنها وفاءً في العالم سيحجبون الثقة عن منتجاتها إن لم توقف تواطؤها في انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان، وقعوا على العريضة!
Action Alert
Únete para pedir a Adidas que deje de patrocinar a la Asociación de Fútbol de Israel, que incluye a equipos de asentamientos israelíes ilegales en tierras palestinas robadas.
Open Letter

Palestinian football teams and sports associations call on Adidas to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association over inclusion of teams based in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

Action Alert
Join us in calling on Adidas to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association, which includes teams based in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.
BNC Statement

Occupied Palestine, 9 July 2012 – Seven years after the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel was launched, the global BDS campaign has become stronger, more widespread, more effective and certainly more diverse than ever—a true cause for celebration by all those groups and conscientious citizens of th


As the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel continues to grow internationally, it is lagging in the Arab World – particularly within Gulf monarchies, where boycotting Israel is muddled by these monarchies’ close relationship with the United States and its allies.

In March, a bell pepper with a label indicating that it originated from Israel was found in one of Kuwait’s largest retail stores.

BNC Statement

Palestinian civil society welcomes Arab boycott of Adidas and calls for a worldwide boycott due to company’s complicity in Israel’s occupation

In the News

Egypt Football Association (EFA) president Anwar Saleh has confirmed that Egypt will boycott the Adidas sportswear company to comply with the decision of the Arab Youth and Sports Ministers.

"We will boycott the company whatever the consequences.

April 19, 2012