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Danish stores halts sales of cosmetics from illegal settlements

The news follows a warning from EU foreign ministries about the issues associated with maintaining economic links with illegal Israeli settlements


ISS provides security services in illegal settlements

The cleaning service giant ISS provides cleaning services, catering and – like the security firm G4S – security services for illegal settlements in Palestine ISS, one of the largest companies in Denmark confirms to DanWatch that they provide various services … Continue reading 


G4S retreat from settlements drags out

G4S announced that the company would end several activities in settlements on the West Bank. But this will first happen between 2012 and 2015. And it continues to provide security services in settlements and equipment to prisons.

Image credit: Flikr user michaelramallah

G4S ends some aspects of its complicity with Israeli Apartheid

The campaign will continue as the company will still deliver security services to illegal settlements in the West Bank and to prisons in Israel.


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