On June 26, 2020 delegates to the virtually held General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) voted to adopt the Business Resolution “Embodying Human Rights in Our Investment Decisions”. The vote in support of the resolution was overwhelming with 95% of the delegates voting for adoption.

The decision by Herbolario Navarro was announced by BDS País Valencià.

Responding to the United States Department of State announcement designating the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement as antisemitic and planning to identify organizations supporting BDS with a view to reviewing and halting their funding, Bob Goodfellow, the Interim Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, issued the below statement:

On the same day that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo became the first high-ranking American diplomat to visit an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank, he also doubled down on the Trump administration’s opposition to a global pro-Palestinian movement to boycott Israel.

In a June 30, 2020 letter, thirteen US congressional representatives told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:

Despite its massive investment of financial, political, diplomatic, propaganda and intelligence resources in its war against the BDS movement, Israel has failed, as some of its own lobby groups today admit, thanks to your support worldwide. For years, activists have been asking, when will our successful “B” and “D” efforts start resulting in some “S”? When will our grassroots boycott and divestment campaigns start affecting policymakers to consider imposing sanctions on apartheid Israel similar to those imposed on apartheid South Africa in the past?

Groups from Norway to France mobilised on the ground and online calling on Basque company CAF to drop the JLR contract and end its complicity with Israeli apartheid.  Almost 5,000 people sent emails to CAF’s CEO and the hashtag #CafGetOffIsraelsApartheidTrain reached over 1 million impressions.

Montreal, January 28, 2020 – Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) applauds the Montreal City Council for abandoning a motion to adopt the controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism today.

The ITUC has welcomed the release of a United Nations database of 112 companies operating in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Scores of settlements have been set up in Palestine in flagrant defiance of international law, and businesses operating inside them are essential to their continued existence.

A near decade-long legal battle over the Olympia Food Co-op’s decision to boycott Israeli goods has finally been put to rest. Opponents of Palestinian rights, working in coordination with Israel, lost.

Greetings, Based on an initiative that Lakhdar Brahimi addressed to a number of friends in the Arab world regarding the blatant injustice and aggression against the Palestinian people’s rights, dignity and his land, this appeal has been drafted in the three languages: Arabic, English and French, which we hope will be signed jointly by us and by as many people as possible, to deliver it to the United Nations, the League of Arab States and other regional organizations around the world, and for presentation to Arab and international public opinion.