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Ten Student Groups From Complutense University of Madrid Declare Themselves Apartheid Free Zones

Statement by the Complutense University of Madrid Apartheid Free Zone Campaign

We are happy to announce that ten student associations and groups from Complutense University of Madrid have declared themselves Apartheid Free Zones (AFZ), thus taking a stance in support of justice, antiracism and solidarity.

The Apartheid Free Zone campaign is part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), an international Palestinian-led non-violent movement that calls for pressure against Israel’s regime of oppression until 1) The occupation and colonization of all Arab lands is brought to an end, and the Apartheid Wall is dismantled; 2) The rights of Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel are recognized, particularly their equality before the law; 3) The right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties is respected, promoted and protected.

Apartheid Free Zones commit to working to put an end to the oppression against Palestinians, as well as against the normalization of relations with the colonial and genocidal Israeli regime. Universities are among the key institutions where this normalization takes place through, for example, student and faculty exchange programs or joint research projects with complicit Israeli universities. These institutional ties promote the legitimation and continuation of the apartheid regime against Palestinians, in which Israeli universities play an essential role.

This is why these student groups declaring to be an AFZ is not just a symbolic act: all these student groups, and the ones that are to come, will integrate in their daily activities support for the Palestinian liberation struggle and opposition to normalization of Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights. They will also demand Complutense University of Madrid to do the same and declare itself an AFZ. CompluELAI is proud of the commitment and political conscience that the students of our university are showing. We are a growing number of people and groups that will continue to work to ensure that Complutense University of Madrid is not an accomplice in Israeli apartheid and declares itself an Apartheid Free Zone.

CompluELAI (CompluAFZ)

Student Associations and Groups That Have Declared Themselves AFZ

Acatisia-Hospital 12 de Octubre (Faculty of Medicine)

Asamblea Feminista de Somosaguas (Campus of Somosaguas)

Asociación Colombine (Faculty of Information Sciences)

Asociación Universitaria La Caverna (Faculty of Philosophy)

Asociación Universitaria La Chispa (Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology)

Colectivo Atenea (Faculty of Law)

Economía Alternativa (Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences)

Hypatia (Faculty of Physics)

La Ecoaldea (Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology)

RQTR (Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology)


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