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Statement of the Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union on the occasion of May Day

General-Federation-Indepentent-Trade-Union Palestinian-Postal-Service-Workers-Union

General-Federation-Indepentent-Trade-Union Palestinian-Postal-Service-Workers-Union

نقابـة العاملين في الخدمات البريدية /فلسطين
Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union
Member Of General Federation of Independent Trade Union Palestine

On the occasion of May Day (International Workers’ Day)

Sisters and brothers working in the postal service in the State of Palestine, As we celebrate May Day, our daily reality continues to be marked by steadfastness and resistance against the brutal Israeli occupation, which affects us even in our livelihoods and our capacity to feed our children.

In addition, we are facing a constant marginalization of our role in building our national institutions due to the policy of unilateral decision-making and the lack of confidence in partnership with trade unions. In these difficult circumstances experienced by our heroic Palestinian people, workers and employees, your union, the Postal Service Workers’ Union, which is at the forefront of trade union action, would like to emphasize the following:

1. More than ever, our union is determined to pursue its struggle to solve all the pending issues faced by  workers in the postal and logistics sector, in the public and private sectors, in particular the urgent matter of the integration of all Palestinian Post (PALPOST) employees into the public service employment regime,  the restoration of allowances that have been stopped for some employees and the implementation of the
minimum wage. We invite all workers to stay in contact with the union and its representatives all over the country, and get updates through the union’s social media page

2. The Postal Service Workers’ Union urges his Excellency, President Mahmoud Abbas, “Abu Mazen” to intervene immediately with the general postal administration at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology in order to end the discrimination faced by 130 postal workers employed on temporary contracts for over a decade, and approve the necessary financial provisions to allow these workers to be integrated in the public service on an equal footing with other governmental workers.

3. We urge our sisters and brothers in all Palestinian trade unions and trade union federations to support our demands and stand in solidarity with us, in defense of the rights of more these 130 postal service employees, who have been working for over a decade for a salary of 1500 NIS without benefits or raises, while many of them hold BA degrees and support extended families.

4. The Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union calls upon all trade unions representing workers in postal services, telecommunications and logistics worldwide to boycott the postal services of the Israeli Occupying Power until the Israeli occupation army stops its attacks against Palestinian workers and until Israel recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to have direct postal exchanges with the rest of the world and returns the postal revenues it has illegally appropriated to the Palestinian treasury.

5. The Union would like to express its appreciation of the national and international efforts of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, and the General Administration of the Palestinian Post in order to raise the profile of the Palestinian Post as a national institution that symbolizes our sovereignty and
liberation, and that provides job opportunities for Palestinian youth. The Postal Service Workers’ Union urges everyone to back these efforts, and calls upon its brothers and sisters in postal service workers’ unions worldwide to support Palestinians in affirming their right to direct and free postal exchanges with the rest of the world, and this through dealing with the Palestinian Post (PALPOST) directly and boycotting the postal services of the Israeli Occupying Power.

We will pursue our struggle for our union demands and for partnership in national decision-making and in supporting our national cause, in order to secure further achievements that will place us at the forefront of national

Long live the Palestinian Postal Service Union!
Long live May Day!
Palestinian Postal Service Workers’ Union (PPSWU)
State of Palestine


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