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Knock knock, PUMA. We Have a Special Delivery of 120,000 Signatures.

Palestinian rights supporters in Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America are delivering 120,000 signatures to PUMA urging the company to end to its partnership with Israeli apartheid. Join them online!

120,000 signatures!

That’s what Palestinian rights supporters will be delivering today to PUMA offices and shops in Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America.

The petition, organized by international advocacy organization SumOfUs, calls on PUMA to “stop supporting the Israeli apartheid regime’s oppression of Palestinian people.”

Join the signature delivery! Share the petition with Puma’s social media channels. 

Tweet: I'm one of 120,000 urging @PUMA to end its partnership with Israeli apartheid. It's a partnership in crime.</p>
<p>I'm joining Palestinian rights supporters across the world delivering signatures to PUMA today.</p>
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PUMA sponsors the Israel Football Association (IFA), which governs and advocates on behalf of teams in illegal Israeli settlements. Israeli settlements are illegal land grabs that force Palestinians off their land and are an integral part of Israel’s apartheid regime.

Partnering with Israeli apartheid is bad for business, and PUMA is feeling the pressure. Football clubs in Asia and Europe have ended sponsorship deals with PUMA in response to the call from 200+ Palestinians teams. PUMA’s own ambassadors and business partners are alarmed over the company’s partnership with apartheid Israel.

Israel is making headlines and racking up international condemnation over its brutal siege of two million Palestinians in Gaza, continued settlement expansion, authoritarian crackdowns, illegal spying on Palestinian civil society organizations, and murder of Palestinian children. It’s not a good look for PUMA to maintain this partnership in crime.

Add your name now: PUMA, end complicity with Israeli apartheid.

PUMA cares deeply about its image and goes to great lengths to project a progressive corporate persona. But that image is starting to show substantial cracks, as those who truly believe in equality and justice for all join the growing #BoycottPUMA campaign.

120,000 people are saying to PUMA, “We care deeply about Palestinian rights and won’t stop campaigning until you end your partnership with Israeli apartheid.”

Join us as we keep up the pressure on PUMA to end its support for Israeli apartheid. 


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