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Italian Regional and City Councils Call for Sanctions Against Israel’s Annexation Plans and Violations of International Law

August 5, 2020
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The Emilia Romagna Regional Council and the Turin City Council respond to the call from more than 70 Palestinian civil society organizations for effective countermeasures to stop Israel’s illegal annexation of the occupied West Bank and its grave human rights violations.

On July 30, the Emilia Romagna Regional Council approved by a large majority a resolution calling on the Italian Government and the European Union to express their opposition to the Trump Plan and Israel’s annexation of occupied Palestinian territory in all forums, to intervene politically and diplomatically to prevent further international law and human rights violations, and to take concrete measures to sanction such violations.

This resolution follow a similar motion approved on July 13 by the Turin City Council, which also called for concrete measures against the Israel’s annexation plans and international law violations, including ending military trade. A coalition of Turin's civil society organizations, including the Centro Studi Sereno Regis, the Frantz Fanon Association and the local section of the FIOM trade union, had called on the city council to "take concrete and courageous measures in favor of international legality."

Both resolutions recall the numerous stands, including at the institutional level, condemning the Trump Plan and Israel's plan to annex large parts of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, including the call from more than 70 Palestinian civil society organizations urging States to comply with their obligations under international law by adopting effective countermeasures, including sanctions, to stop Israel’s illegal annexation of the occupied West Bank and its grave human rights violations. Palestinian civil society reiterated this request recently by calling for "lawful, targeted and immediate sanctions on Israel in response to its ongoing annexation, illegal military occupation and apartheid regime of racial discrimination, segregation and territorial expansion that is enshrined in Israel’s domestic law."

BDS Italy welcomes these resolutions that clearly call for an end to Israel's impunity and for the adoption of concrete measures against Israel’s violations.

BDS Italy thanks the regional and municipal councilors who presented and voted for the resolutions, placing themselves unequivocally on the side of Palestinians human rights and international law.

BDS Italy will continue our work to raise awareness among citizens and elected representatives regarding the serious violations and crimes committed by Israel and to pressure institutions and companies to end their complicity in Israel’s colonization, military occupation and apartheid regime oppressing Palestinians through nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns.

Freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians, and for peoples.


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