Hello, Puma? I need to report a problem…

For the 4th #BoycottPuma Day of Action, contact Puma Customer Service to say supporting Israeli apartheid is a very bad look, making Puma the Worst. Gift. Ever.

Israel is escalating its expansion of illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land while demolishing Palestinian homes in record numbers.

All during a pandemic.

Puma’s support for these violent land grabs makes it the…Worst. Gift. Ever.

On Saturday, December 12, groups across the world are mobilizing for the #BoycottPuma Day of Action.

Puma cares deeply about its image.

Use the sample script below to contact Puma Customer Service to say supporting Israeli apartheid is a very bad look.

 Write to Puma Customer Service via Facebook Messenger

 Call Puma Customer Service in your area: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spanish State, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

 Tweet to Puma Customer Service  

*Let us know how your conversation with Puma went using this form.

Puma says it supports equality, but it’s actually helping to prolong Israel’s brutal dispossession of indigenous Palestinians.

Puma supports football teams in Israel’s illegal settlements and its exclusive licensee in Israel has branches in settlements.

Contact Puma Customer Service to say you won’t put Israeli apartheid in your shopping cart.

Want to do more to support the day of action? See ideas for additional actions, even from your home!  

Sample script:


My name is ____________ and I’m calling to report a problem with Puma products.

I understand you are personally not responsible for this, but ask you to make a note and kindly pass my message to Puma management.

Puma supports illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Settlements force Palestinian families from their homes. Israel continues to expand its settlements and has demolished 400 Palestinian homes since March alone, leaving hundreds of Palestinian families homeless in the middle of a pandemic!

It’s a very bad look for Puma. Something I wouldn’t have my family or friends wear.

It makes Puma the Worst. Gift. Ever.

More than 200 Palestinian sports teams and ethical consumers all over the world are calling on Puma to end its support for Israeli apartheid oppressing millions of Palestinians.

I am extremely surprised that Puma has failed to take any action, while claiming to stand for social justice.

Please let Puma management know that I will be boycotting Puma as long as it remains complicit in Israeli apartheid. I won’t put Israeli apartheid in my shopping cart!

*Let us know how your conversation with Puma went using this form.


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