BNC Statement


April 11, 2023

In recent years, spyware—technology secretly installed on digital devices which covertly collects confidential information about a target—has been exposed as a weapon used by states and companies to monitor, control, manipulate, and repress human rights defenders, including activists, journalists, and lawyers. 

Apartheid Israel is central to the development of this global threat. Israeli companies, entangled with the military and with Israeli universities, develop and market spyware after it is field tested on Palestinians as part of Israel's occupation and apartheid regime. By exporting weapons and spyware, predominantly to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, Israel enables coercion, repression and grave human rights violations worldwide.

Israel’s regime of oppression is therefore not just a danger to Indigenous Palestinians. It is a threat to the world, particularly to social movements and civil society organisations. We must organize to protect those fighting for climate, racial, gender and social justice from spyware.

Post on social media, host a panel, show a film or organize a protest on the 19th of April with civil society organizations worldwide to raise awareness of the danger of spyware technologies and call for a ban on its sale and use!

April 11, 2023


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