Updates from the palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Action Alert

There’s no doubt about it. The campaign to boycott PUMA over its support for Israeli apartheid is having an impact. We won’t stop until PUMA finally ends its complicity in Israel's oppression of Palestinians.


Together, we have caused PUMA to lose millions in important sports contracts, exposed PUMA’s lies and spread our call for justice with millions worldwide. We won’t stop until PUMA finally ends its complicity in Israeli apartheid.


If implemented, Unilever’s decision would appease Israel, further implicating the company in Israel’s decades-old system of oppression against Palestinians.

June 30, 2022


Goethe Institut conference disinvited Palestinian poet Mohammed El Kurd; is almost entirely cancelled after mass boycott


Endorsement of this project by any group affiliated with the BDS movement conflicts with this affiliation. Simultaneously, we reject and condemn the cynical use of this project as a pretext for repressive attacks on the Palestine solidarity movement by anti-Palestinian racists and apologists for Israeli apartheid.


Outside of the CAF’s General Assembly meeting on the 11th of June 2022, dozens of protesters reminded the Basque trainmaker of is obligation to respect human rights and terminate its business with Israel’s violent occupation of Jerusalem and apartheid regime. 

By Richard Weyndling and Santiago González Vallejo from the “CAF: Get off the Apartheid Train” campaign.

BNC Statement

Ahead of its 2022 annual congress, the Polish political party Razem recognises that Israel is an apartheid state and endorses the nonviolent, Pale