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Amnesty International Condemns Israeli Apartheid as a Cruel System of Domination

Let’s escalate BDS pressure to impose targeted sanctions and #DismantleApartheid.

Amnesty International, which has 10 million members and supporters worldwide, just confirmed that Israel’s regime against the entire Palestinian people constitutes the crime against humanity of apartheid. We warmly welcome the publication of Amnesty International’s report, titled, “Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel system of domination and crime against humanity.”

Amnesty’s meticulously researched report outlines a brutal and intentional system of fragmentation, dispossession, segregation, and oppression against Indigenous Palestinians, residing both across historic Palestine and around the world as refugees. This system, Amnesty concludes, meets the definition of apartheid under both the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the UN’s anti-apartheid Convention.

The BDS movement particularly welcomes Amnesty’s endorsement of the demands, #UNinvestigateApartheid, #MilitaryEmbargo, #SanctionsOnIsrael, #ICC4Israel, and its call on states and institutions to ban business with Israel’s illegal settlements.

The report is the latest in a series of studies confirming what Palestinian and international human rights experts and advocates have been saying for decades: Israel is perpetrating the crime of apartheid against the Indigenous Palestinian people. 

Let’s make sure that governments and the UN take action to end Israel’s apartheid regime as they did with apartheid in Southern Africa in the past.

Last June, former UN chief Ban Ki-moon suggested that Israel is imposing apartheid on Palestinians. Last year, 47 independent human rights experts within the UN stated Israel’s plans to illegally annex Palestinian land would constitute “a vision of a 21st-century apartheid.”  

Our South Africa moment is nearing. With your support, we can and shall #DismantleApartheid to live in freedom, justice and equality.

Support the BDS movement by promoting Amnesty International’s report! Tweet: With 10M members & supporters, leading human rights org, @amnesty, just confirmed Israel's apartheid regime.</p>
<p>I support the Amnesty & @BDSmovement call for #UNinvestigateApartheid, #MilitaryEmbargo, #SanctionsOnIsrael, & #ICC4Israel!</p>
<p>#DismantleApartheid<br />

Let's give corporations involved in business with apartheid Israel's illegal settlements the BDS treatment!  Tweet: Intl. corporations involved in business with Israel's illegal settlements are complicit in the crime of apartheid.</p>
<p>@HP, @HPE, @AXA, @GeneralMills, @Pillsbury, @PUMA, @CEMEX, @G4S, @AlliedUniversal, @Sabra, @HSBC, @Hyundai, and many more.</p>
<p>THIS MEANS YOU!<br />

Demand the UN hears the global call and launches an investigation into Israeli apartheid. Tweet: The @UN must act.</p>
<p>@hrw, @BTselem, 47 UN human rights experts, 452 civil society groups, 10 ex-Presidents & 700+ MPs from the global south, @UKLabour, & now @amnesty all confirm: Israel is an apartheid regime!</p>
<p>#UNinvestigateApartheid<br />
#DismantleApartheid<br />


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