100+ Apartheid Free Zones in Europe denounce #CoronaRacism

Over 100 Apartheid Free Zones (AFZ) #SpreadSolidarity from Europe to Palestine in their statement denouncing Corona racism.

The coronavirus crisis, like so many others, does not affect us all equally. Once again, class, race and gender are interacting with existing structures of oppression, putting already vulnerable groups such as migrants, people from vulnerabilized countries, refugees, homeless, unemployed people or people living under occupation and apartheid in an even more dangerous situation.

 As Apartheid Free Zones (AFZ), we have long been committed to rejecting and denouncing any kind of discrimination or oppression based on gender, race, social class or religion, among others. It is because of our strong anti-racist commitment that we want to denounce the discrimination to which many racialized people are being subjected in this so-called "war” against COVID-19.

 Decades of Israeli colonization and oppression have decimated the Palestinian health-system. For Palestinians, Israel’s #CoronaRacism is at its highest. The Israeli government is failing to adequately publish protective meassures in Arabic; Israeli military forces are dumping Palestinian workers at crowded checkpoints; Israeli prison authorities are denying Palestinian prisoners appropiate sanitization and treatment; and Israel is conditioning allowing COVID-19 related medical equipment into the already battered and besieged Gaza Strip on political concessions from Palestinians, in direct violation of international law. 

Based on our commitment to universal human rights, we denounce the securitization and militarization of this health, social and economic crisis. We are not at war. We are not soldiers. We are fighting for a more just, free and equal world for all people. We are fighting for public spending that invests in life, in care and in universal, quality public health and social welfare systems that leave no one behind, wherever they come from and whatever language they speak.

We are concerned that in the exceptional situation of the pandemic in which we live, we are experiencing anti-democratic and in some cases outright authoritarian measures that restrict our rights and freedoms and that we fear may end up becoming the new norm.

Israel is a leading exporter of doctrines and tools of repression, mass surveillance and war crimes, all “field-tested” on the bodies of the captive Palestinian population and then promoted as such in Europe, Latin America, North America, South Asia, and Africa.

 That is why now, when the doors of our houses and the borders of our countries are closed, when we in Europe are more isolated than ever, struggling to keep our AFZ businesses and spaces afloat, we want to spread our message of solidarity and make sure it reaches every corner, from our AFZs in Europe and beyond to Palestine.

In the midst of this crisis BDS Italy welcomed 200 new AFZ spaces: “we are staying home, but solidarity isn’t”. It shouldn’t. From the balconies of our homes we salute all communities fighting this pandemic, including the people of Palestine. No more racism, no more discrimination, no more apartheid.


Join our AFZ network, sign our statement

#SpreadSolidarity  Stop #CoronaRacism

Together, we are invincible


List of endorsements



ABP (association Belgo-Palestinienne)

Antwerp for Palestine

Progress Lawyers Network Brussels



Artokosmos Bakery (Katerini)

Cobra High Athens

Poetry Bar (Athens)

Taverna Tou Pseira (Katerini)

Yusurum Meze (Athens)



Ah sQueerTO! (Assemblea Queer Torino)



Associaizone Frantz Fanon

Associazione Bianca Guidetti Serra

Associazione Sopra i Ponti

Aula C1 Autogestita


Bazar Taverna Curdo Meticcia

Cambiamo Messina dal Basso

Camilla Coop Emporio di Comunità

Centro Sociale TPO


Circolo ARCI Brecht

Circolo Arci Guernelli

Circolo ARCI Thomas Sankara

Circolo arci tunnel

Circolo Città Futura Catania

Confederazione Cobas

Donne in Nero Bologna (coordinamento campagna BDS Bologna) )

Donne in nero Ravenna

Edizioni Q

Ex Opg - Je So' Pazzo

Exaequo- Bottega del Mondo- Bologna

FIOM CGIL Messina provincia

Giosef Torino - Marti Gianello Guida APS


La bottega del Barbieri


Laboratorio sociale "La città di sotto" - Biella

Link Bologna - Studenti Indipendenti

Manituana - laboratorio culturale autogestito

Noi Restiamo Bologna

Noi Restiamo Torino

Potere al Popolo

Progetto Palestina

Rete dei Comunisti Bologna


Studio legale avv.to Gaetano Apicella

Universitari Contro l'Apartheid Israeliana (UCAI)

USB Bologna

Vag61 - Spazio libero autogestito (Bologna)


Paisos Catalans

Ateneu Alt Urgell

Casal Independentista de Sants - Jaume Compte

La Barraqueta de Gràcia



A FORAS - Contra a s'ocupatzione militare de sa Sardigna

Andrea Deledda biologo nutrizionista

Associazione Amicizia Sardegna Palestina

Associazione Antonio Gramsci

Associazione Sarda Contro l'Emarginazione

Associazione sardo senegalese Sunugaal

Associazione Terra Battuta

Bed and breakfast L'antica locanda

Cagliari Social Forum

Caminera Noa

CDR Teatro

Collettivo Furia Rossa

Creazioni Maestrodascia 

CUA - Collettivo Universitario Autonomo Casteddu

Domu e Luna B&B

Dr.drer & CRC Posse

Ethicser di Sulis Roberto

Il Manifesto Sardo

Officineperegrine teatro

Parafarmacia Dott. Azzam M.

Pizzeria Federico Nansen

Pizzeria Nuraghe36

Potere al Popolo Cagliari

Sa Domu

Sandal Falastin

Scida - Assòtziu Indipendentista

Spazio Antifascista Nuoro

Su Tzirculu

Teatri Peregrini



ALEAS IU Castilla la Mancha, área LGTBI


Asamblea Feminista de Somosaguas

Asociación Colombine


Association for Human Rights of Andalusia (APDHA)

Atenea Feminist Asociation 

AU Sputnik

Bar "La Bici" 


Cuero Artesano

Davinci Ingenieros

Entrepueblos Entrepobles Entrepobos Herriarte


Farmacia Jesús Arribas

Federación de Asociaciones vecinales Valladolid Antonio Machado



IU Castilla la Mancha

IU Castilla la Mancha Área de Paz Solidaridad

La Chispa

La Ecoaldea UCM

La Ingobernable - Centro Social de Comunes Urbanos  

La Kruel Band

La Tienda Comprometida S. Coop. Pequeña de Iniciativa Social ZAWP.

Librería la Vorágine 

Nel Tardíu

Partido Comunista de Almeria (PCE)

Pau Alabajos (singer-songwriter)


Rosa Que Te Quiero Rosa (RQTR)

Sodepaz Balamil

USTEA Almería

Vinos Barona

Yolanda Herranz Gomez



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