Updates from the palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

BNC Statement

After years of civil society pressure, the European Parliament had to set up a special committee to investigate the use of Israel’s Pegasus and similar surveillance spyware, called PEGA.

BNC Statement

For another year, UN's António Guterres has left Israel's army off the “list of shame” of forces endangering children. This year Russia was added to the list. The BDS movement condemns in the strongest terms this blatant colonial hypocrisy.


Marking CAF’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), human rights activists once again demonstrated at CAF’s offices in Beasain (Basque country, Spanish state), where the “AGM ceremony” was taking place, to tell CAF and its shareholders to stop this illegal business in occupied Jerusalem!

Action Alert

As groups around the world join the Boycott PUMA Global Day of Action, use social media to show PUMA your outrage over its ongoing support for Israeli apartheid.