Updates from the palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

BNC Statement

Palestinian civil society urgently calls on governments to stop ships carrying weapons to Israel’s #GazaGenocide


Global campus mobilizations for Palestinian rights have compelled dozens of universities across the world to commit to steps toward divestment from complicit companies and/or cutting ties with complicit Israeli academic institutions.

PACBI Statement

Strategic radicalism calls on the movement to employ multiple tactics that take local contexts into account to mutually build on and amplify each other. A strategic and incremental win for one campus is a win for all.


Thousands of international artists, hundreds of LGBTQIA+ organisations and artists, dozens of Eurovision screening parties and European politicians call for apartheid Israel’s exclusion


Groundbreaking decision of the Conference of University Rectors in Spain to hold Israel and its complicit institutions accountable for Israel's genocide in Gaza and its underlying regime of settler-colonial apartheid

Action Alert

As genocidal Israel threatens to use “extreme force” against displaced Palestinians in Rafah in the occupied Gaza Strip and the Olympic torch arrives in France, be a torchbearer for Palestinian rights.