Updates from the palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)


Among the teams calling on European clubs to cancel their friendlies in apartheid Israel is Balata FC, whose promising young player, 16-year-old Said Odeh, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in early May.


A series of online events marks one year since the launch of the Global South Response initiative.

Action Alert

Just a few kilometers away from where Palestinians are struggling in occupied East Jerusalem, Puma maintains its support for Israeli apartheid. Tell Puma: Supporting Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing is a very bad look!


Leaked internal communications show Puma is shamefully using information it knows to be false to reassure its own partners and brand ambassadors who are rightly alarmed over its support for Israeli apartheid.


For the last two months, pressure has been mounting on the Basque company CAF to end its business in apartheid Israel’s illegal Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) in and around occupied Jerusalem.


From Mexico to France, from Brazil to Canada and beyond, dozens of new spaces join the #ApartheidFreeZones campaign in response to the Palestinian call for mutual support and international solidarity. 

Ending racism, colonialism and apartheid is #InOurHands.