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BNC Statement

The Palestinian BDS National Committee, the broadest Palestinian civil society coalition leading the BDS movement, is calling on all Arab and progressive civil society and grassroots groups worldwide to put meaningful pressure on the UAE’s despotic rulers hosting the COP28 from November 30th to December 12th, including through a boycott of the conference.


Marking CAF’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), human rights activists once again demonstrated at CAF’s offices in Beasain (Basque country, Spanish state), where the “AGM ceremony” was taking place, to tell CAF and its shareholders to stop this illegal business in occupied Jerusalem!


Largest trade union federations in Mauritius call on Prime Minister Jugnauth to heed the Palestinian Trade Unions call for reconstitution of UN anti-apartheid mechanisms


Marking AXA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Palestine solidarity activists once again demonstrated creatively in front of the building where the “AGM ceremony” was taking place to increase pressure on AXA to divest from Israeli apartheid.


The US Secretary of Justice just said what in a recent White House meeting?