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Wikileaks published 2000 emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta; and they show Stu Eizenstat, former deputy secretary of treasury under Bill Clinton, acting as the ambassador for Israel and the Jewish community to Clinton.

October 7, 2016
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A broad coalition of groups recently mobilized against Watec, the Israeli water technology conference and exhibition, which was held last week for the first

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Response to the Anthropological Association of Israel’s keynote invitation

September 17, 2016
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While the Olympics are without a doubt an athletic competition, they are also, and to an equal degree, about the countries that send these athletes to the games.

August 21, 2016
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By Allison Deger

Tamam Abdul, 60, sells Israeli goods in her West Bank supermarket, but she would rather not. “All of the products we receive are Israeli, unfortunately,” she said Saturday outside of Ramallah at a fifth conference about the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, otherwise known by the initials BDS.

April 13, 2016
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You can sign the following petition from Jews for Palestinian Right of Return on Change.org or follow the campaign on Facebook.

Dear Kanye West,

September 10, 2015
Open Letter

The following is a statement by scholars, ex-scholars and associates of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Germany, a think tank associated with the Left Party.  The Foundation’s official position on Palestine is currently under debate and it is periodically accused of antisemitism in German political discourse because of the Palestine-activism of many of its members.

August 19, 2014