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Action Alert

#BoycottCarrefour campaign is organizing a week of action from May 21 to May 26, ahead of the Annual General Meeting of the multinational retailer. Join us to tell Carrefour to end its complicity in apartheid Israel, take action, send letters of protest to your local store, and to join our global Twitter storm on May 23.


Investing in Israel, a 75-year-old settler-colony that imposes apartheid on Indigenous Palestinians, has always been unethical and illegal.

In the News

Join leaders around the world celebrating Barcelona's decisions to stand up for Palestine by suspending all relations with the State of Israel.

BNC Statement

Since 1967, 233 Palestinian prisoners have died in apartheid Israel’s dungeons as part of a systematic policy of medical negligence and delays in providing treatment.

BNC Statement

On this day we mark 40 years since thousands of mainly Palestinian refugees and Lebanese civilians were butchered in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon.

BNC Statement

Ahead of its 2022 annual congress, the Polish political party Razem recognises that Israel is an apartheid state and endorses the nonviolent, Pale