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The Palestinian BDS National Committee, the coalition of Palestinian civil society that leads and supports the BDS movement, has prioritised a number of global campaigns. Click on one of the squares below to find out more.


Le Groupe Carrefour, distributeur multinational basé en France, est impliqué dans les crimes de guerre commis par le régime israélien d...

Campaign Areas

The BDS movement calls for an economic, acdemic and cultural boycott of Israel, action by governments and urges students and trade union activists to build effective BDS campaigns. Find out more about these different areas of the BDS movement by clicking on the squares below.

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There are organisations working on BDS campaigns all across the world. Get active and connect with a group in your country now!

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Thanks to strategic campaigning and the tireless work of people of conscience and organisations across the world, the impact of the BDS movement is increasing substantially.

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