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BDS News

Israeli state water company loses Portugal deal and faces global protests

The Lisbon water company EPAL has announced that it has suspended its collaboration with Israeli state water company Mekorot, protested due to its role in water apartheid, following similar decisions by authorities in the Netherlands and Argentina.

Friends of the Earth Palestine and a range of BDS partners are organised a week against Mekorot during the last week of March.

Divestment movement continues to sweep across US campuses

The US student movement for divestment from companies complicit with Israeli occupation continues to gather pace as students at Wesleyan University in Connecticut vote to divest the student assembly's investment funds from companies supporting Israel's military occupation in Palestine

Motions calling on universities to divest were recently passed at University of California at Riverside and the University of New Mexico. Meanwhile a petition has been signed by more than 10,000 students is calling on the University of South Florida to divest, making it the largest student petition in Florida's history.

Luxembourg state pension fund joins divestment groundswell

Luxembourg’s state pension fund has excluded nine major Israeli banks and firms and one US company because of their involvement in Israeli settlements and human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The move follows similar steps taken by other major financial institutions including the Dutch pensions giant PGGM and Norway’s state pension fund. New research suggests that as many as one in seven Dutch institutional investors have excluded companies involved in the Israeli occupation of Palestine in the course of the last five years.

UK student union to cancel G4S contract over role in Israeli prisons

The student union at the University of Kent in the southeast of England is to terminate its contract with G4S following an “outcry” over its role in human rights abuses in Palestine.

The decision follows a March vote in favour of BDS at the University of Dundee.

Starbucks may face a boycott if it partners with SodaStream

Starbucks’ reported interest in SodaStream comes at a time when civil society, the private sector and governments across the world are increasingly shunning businesses that contribute to Israel’s occupation and violations of international law.