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BDS News

European Union must not bow to US pressure to disregard human rights

Israel, the US and various supporters of Israel are seeking to pressure the European Union to water down new guidelines that are aimed at ensuring the EU does not recognise Israeli sovereignty over Palestinian territories occupied since 1967. Palestinian civil society organisations, European politicians and large numbers of European and Israeli academics have been calling on the EU to stand firm.

If you're based in Europe, use this simple e-tool to urge your member of the European Parliament to take action to support the guidelines.

Veoila withdraws bid for St Louis water contract following huge grassroots campaign

French multinational targetted over its role in illegal Israeli settlements pulls out of bidding on major contract in St Louis, Missouri, US, following a campaign by a broad community coalition. The broad based opposition caused Veolia to withdraw from our city, reportedly deciding St. Louis “is not worth it. It is not worth the damage to [Veolia’s] business.”

Norwegian and UK unions take action against G4S

A major Norwegian trade union has terminated its contract with security company G4S in protest at the firm’s role in providing equipment and services to Israeli prisons and settlements.

In the UK, major public sector union UNISON and the East London Teacher Association have both taken action in support of the Stop G4S campaign in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, South African trade union federation COSATU has condemned G4S in a major public statement.

Palestinian civil society congratulates new foreign minister of Brazil and demands suspension of Brazil-Israel funding project

On the eve of Brazilian Independence Day, the Palestinian BDS National Committee called on Brazil to abandon a $35m development collaboration project with Israel during a meeting with Paulo França, the Brazilian consul in Ramallah.
Major European bank divests from Cemex due to role in assisting Israeli companies extracting Palestinian natural resources from West Bank

Israel’s extraction of non-renewable natural resources from the occupied West Bank provides profit to the Israeli quarrying and constructions industry, while undermining the interests of the local Palestinian population. Norwegian People’s Aid and the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees have previously urged Nordea to exclude Cemex from its investment portfolio.