CAFeko Akziodunen Batzarreko ekintzaileak: Jerusalem okupatutik alde!; Jaitsi Apartheid Trenetik!

CAFen Akziodunen Batzar Nagusia (ABN) dela eta, giza eskubideen aldeko ekintzaileek manifestazioa egin dute beste behin CAFek Beasainen (Euskal Herria, Espainiar Estatua) dituen bulegoen aurrean, non "ABN ekitaldia" egiten ari zen , CAFi eta bere akziodunei esateko: Jerusalem okupatuan legez kanpoko negozio honi amaiera emateko!

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PACBI Statement
August 31, 2012
PACBI Statement

On 8 June 2013 the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) organized its fourth National BDS Conference at Bethlehem University under the title: “Boycotting Israel and opposing normalization contribute to Liberation, Return of Refugees, and Self-Determination.” The conference was attended by more than 700 participants, mostly representatives of the national committee member entities -- including political parties, trade unions, women’s organizations, professional syndicates, youth and student groups -- as well as members of the P

July 4, 2013
PACBI Statement

As the BDS movement continues to grow at a fast pace, many activists around the world, including in Palestine, often wonder what institution or corporation to target and how. Whether it is an academic, cultural, economic, sports or other BDS campaign, selecting the boycott or divestment target is often not as straightforward as many may think, particularly if the overall BDS strategy of mainstreaming is taken into consideration. Here we focus on cultural and academic boycott targets specifically.

May 5, 2014