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BNC Statement

The growth of our popular resistance and the global, Palestinian-led BDS movement give us hope at a time when Israel’s far-right regime is intensifying its system of apartheid and crimes against our people.


Over 200 Latin American organizations, coalitions, social movements and personalities published a July 9 letter addressed to the Board of Directors of Cemex, the Mexican multinational company, calling on it to end the company’s complicity in Israel’s human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.


Más de 200 organizaciones, coaliciones, movimientos sociales y personalidades latinoamericanas publicaron el 9 de julio una carta dirigida a la Junta Directiva de Cemex, la multinacional mexicana, pidiéndole que ponga fin a la complicidad de la compañía en las violaciones israelíes de los derechos humanos en el territorio palestino ocupado

In the News

Palestinian human rights groups are urging the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to examine the Israeli closure of the Gaza Strip

November 22, 2016