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BREAKING: Racist Israeli film fund, the Rabinovich Foundation, will reportedly end its insistence that filmmakers seeking its support must sign a loyalty oath to deny in their films the reality of

BNC Statement

Barcelona Mayor suspends institutional relations with apartheid Israel, including twinning agreement with Tel Aviv, “until the Israeli authorities put an end to the system of viola


We thank the many South Africans, including those who campaigned against that country’s apartheid regime, for standing up for Palestinian rights and taking swift action to compel SARU to reverse the misguided decision.


As we work towards a broad, global, Palestinian-led anti-apartheid movement, we take a look back at some highlights in our struggle for Palestinian rights in the second half of 2022.


The massive expression of support for Palestine and waving of the Palestinian flag at the men’s World Cup were among the big winners at the men's World Cup.


The decision follows compelling letters from Palestinian football teams, including those whose players have lost lives and limbs to Israeli bullets, urging Uruguay not to sportswash Israeli apartheid


Hundreds of musicians are boycotting apartheid Israel's complicit cultural sector

PACBI Statement

While a welcome – if belated – recognition of the necessity of cultural boycotts to help end Israeli apartheid, its narrow focus risks missing the forest for the trees